Who We Are

Lighthouse Baptist Church is based in Nelson Bay. We are located a short walking distance from the heart of the shopping precinct and the Nelson Bay Marina from which many of the dolphin and whale watching tours depart.

We are a contemporary church of practicing Christians, committed to unashamedly declaring Jesus Christ as Lord; sharing the good news that Jesus has come to save; and practically showing the love of Jesus to all. This commitment extends not only to our friends, family and local community but also across the world as we support projects of social justice and outreach through our missionary partners in all corners of the globe.

We are small enough in size so you are not left feeling lost in the crowd but also big enough so you feel you are a part of a larger community, which makes Lighthouse Baptist Church a great place to belong. It offers friendship, support and a place to connect and to experience in a tangible way the love of Jesus.

There are people of all ages and backgrounds so finding someone to connect with is easy.

The best way to find out about Lighthouse Baptist Church is simply by coming along to one of our Sunday services (9:30am) or by getting involved in one of our growth groups.

What We Believe

  • The nature and unity of the Godhead
  • The deity and humanity of Christ
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The divine inspiration of the Scriptures
  • The sinfulness of people
  • Christ's atonement for human sin
  • The work of the Holy Spirit in salvation
  • The church
  • The baptism of believers
  • The communion
  • The return of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • The resurrection of the dead
  • Rewards and punishment in a future state

Each of these statements are further explained in the "Baptist Union of NSW - Statement of Beliefs" available by clicking HERE or the Logo above.

Safe Church

At Lighthouse Baptist Church we are committed to creating safe spaces for children and vulnerable people. All our child related volunteers have NSW Government approved “Working with Children” checks and have completed training courses on creating safe spaces. Sadly, in recently years there have been numerous examples where organisations have failed to do this. The instances of past failures help remind us of the importance of standards and processes to create safe environments for Children and other vulnerable people. 

Our church is committed to the 10 Child safe standards recently implemented by NSW Government. For further detail on these standards click here

We are currently working towards accreditation as a “Safe Church” from the Baptist Association of NSW & ACT